The International Wado Federation

A need has been fulfilled…

The International Wado Federation was created in November 2010, from the foundations of the Alliance of International Wado-ryu (AIWa), to act as a home for all established autonomous Wado organisations world-wide. Created to act purely as an Alliance for some and a Governing Body for others allows the IWF unbound flexibility for support and cooperation for the interests of all Wado organisations within membership; or those wishing to join us. Additionally, the IWF allows more than one national organisation to join. So whether an organisation follows the syllabus designated as that of Wadokai, Wadoryu, Wado, or even Sport-Wado, all are welcome within our wado family.

Yes, Wado karate does promote and encourage competition as part of the training, but this should be purely for the progression of the individual’s need for self-improvement, attainment and realisation. We should not consider tournament as the ‘be-all and end-all’ of Wado Karate. Competition forms only PART of our Wado training, so should be considered part of the usual trials and challenges of training and not considered the ‘end-product’ as the ‘All-Styles Sport-Karate’ organisations seem to continually promote.

We should train in Wado for self-improvement not for ego, tokens or trinkets. Remember, karate was originally created as a ‘fighting-art’ for self-preservation, so the ‘unrestricted wado’ competition arena is probably the closest test of our own wado fighting abilities and skills; both mentally and physically.

The International Wado Federation is the only world umbrella for Wado that considers all Wado Groups and National/International Federations into membership.

International Wado Federation Associate Members are self-governing ‘autonomous’ members and will be considered ‘Allied Members’ to the IWF. The IWF will have no control over Associate Members as they will have their own Constitution/Rules & Regulations, Insurance Procedures and Member Protection Policies, etc., (including Child & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy) for self-governance within their own Group/Association. For further details please see Rules & Regulations.

For those who seek a more closer affiliation (Direct/Full Membership, etc.), please consider membership with our National or Continental Representatives.

Alliance of International Wado-ryu (AIWa)

International Wado Federation (IWF)


Est. 1982


Est. 2010

International Wado Federation. Out of ‘RAN’ 乱 comes ‘WA’ 和

The International Wado Federation was initially established as the Alliance of International Wado-ryu (AIWa), in 1982, to facilitate ‘ex-pat’ British Wadokai Clubs overseas (namely Canada, France and Italy). However, as demand for a ‘Wado only’ World Governing, for autonomous Wado organisations, became more important to many than the ‘All-styles Sport-karate Governing Bodies’, AIWa found itself approached by many other national and international Wado groups seeking for Wado unity.

In 2010 Gary E Swift Kyoshi decided to restructure AIWa and to re-establish it; so started to emerge the renewed federation of international Wadoryu the International Wado Federation. The IWF was further developed to cater for the all needs of the world’s frustrated Wado exponents who simply want a ‘Wado only’ administration for their needs.

Over the years the IWF has accumulated many organisations from all three of the so-called ‘mainstream’ Wado organisations to become one of the world-leaders in peaceful World Wado unity. Wado does not do MMA or ‘all-styles sport-karate’, so therefore these governing bodies have no place within our Wado, and why should it? We practise Wado and are very proud of our Wado history. We do not want it watered down!
Original President’s Message

In the UK alone we have been waiting over 50 years for an all-styles national governing body that could cater successfully for the needs of all karate-ka in England… This has still not happened. And personally I feel that, due to the diverse nature of all the individual styles of karate, it will never happen.

You cannot successfully unify tradition with sport, someone always loses out down the line, somewhere; it can only survive separately.

As a traditionalist, what benefits have we seen by being consistently part of (and paying huge amounts of money for) any of the All-Styles Sport Karate Governing Bodies; which have very little in their constitutions and agendas for the traditionalists who want to progress in their own style?

Let us be proud of our heritage and the karate we practise – Follow your style!

Gary Swift Hanshi.

To preserve both the traditional development and the evolution of Wado Karate. We strive to accomplish this in an environment free of intimidation, politics, and other negative distractions. We further seek to foster a spirit of fellowship and understanding by welcoming all like-minded individuals, regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, national origin, or physical handicap. All accepted member-groups will be granted ‘self-governance & development’ to encourage positive growth within their own autonomous infrastructure, without interference from the International Wado Federation.

The International Wado Federation is a non-profit Governing Body for ‘professionally run’ (amateur and/or professional) Karate Schools/Organisations and not a commercially motivated or profit-based karate business.

“There is nothing right or wrong, there is only ‘thinking’ that makes it so.”