IWF Shogo Register

​Shogo. Issued & registered titles within IWF Membership.
There have been ‘claims’, from unscrupulous individuals, declaring membership to IWF.
It must be further emphasised that ONLY officially IWF graded/registered members are listed on our database. 
The following names (below) comprises of all individuals presently awarded/registered within IWF. If the name you are looking for is not there they are NOT registered as Shogo within IWF Registered Membership.
Name – Title – Certificate Number – Award Date

James Charnaud. Tashi Cert; 2. 23/09/94.
Karen Patterson. Tashi Cert; 3. 24/09/00.
Gordon Hoare. Tashi Cert; 4. 28/09/97. Renshi Cert; 5. 23/06/07.
Ian Hunter. Renshi Cert; 6. 29/03/98.
Les Mansfield. Renshi Cert; 7. 03/07/98.
Brian Osborn. Tashi Cert; 8. 28/05/00.
Gary E Swift. Renshi Cert; 1. 27/04/89. Kyoshi (HH Thow) Cert; 9. 03/07/94. Hanshi Cert; 14. May 2019.
Zoë Swift. Tashi Cert; 10. 31/03/96.
James Taylor. Tashi Cert; 11. 27/03/04.
David Holtom. Renshi Cert; 12. 29/12/06.
Paul Elliott. Renshi Cert; 13. 10/12/06.
Matthew Smith. Renshi Cert; 015. 22/12/19.
Nick Smith. Renshi Cert; 016. 22/12/19.
Michael Rapley. Kyoshi Cert; 17. 22/12/19
Michael Ilderton. Kyoshi Cert; 18. 22/12/19
Cuthbert Tatters. Renshi Cert; 19. 14/03/20
Victor Tumilty. Renshi Cert; 20. 14/03/20
Cert; 21. Pending award. 
John Ingebrigtsen. Tashi Cert; 22. 08/04/20
Sissel Johannessen. Tashi Cert; 23. 08/04/20
Christer Nilsen. Tashi Cert; 24. 08/04/20
Ernesto Gamboa Jr. Renshi Cert; 25. 22/09/19
Ira Watanabe. Kyoshi; 26. 05/09/08

IWF Shogo – Titles
Hanshi, Kyoshi, Renshi and Tashi, are what are known as Shogo, or teaching titles. The following explanations assume that Judan (10th Dan black belt) is the top rank within the Wadoryu style. 

Shogo; Instructor Rank Titles.
Meijin (名人) Grand Master (10th Dan).
Hanshi (範士) Model teacher (8th Dan & above). 
Kyoshi (教士) Master instructor/teacher. This title is usually awarded to one who has achieved a rank of 7th or 8th Dan black belt (Shichidan/Nanadan 七段 or Hachidan 八段). Kyoshi are typically regarded as those who have distinguished themselves as expert teachers or instructors.
Renshi (錬士) Senior Expert. Often refers to an advanced instructor. Renshi also means “one who has mastered himself.” In many styles, it is awarded around the 5th Dan (Godan 五段) or 6th Dan (Rokudan 六段) black belt level.
Tashi (達士) Experienced Practitioner. Awarded to those of 3rd Dan to 5th Dan who show exceptional skill in their practical, technical and theoretical studies.