International Affiliations

International Representative Headquarters under the IWF



AIWa (Est.1982)

The Alliance of International Wadoryu (AIWa). President Gary E Swift Hanshi. The Alliance of International Wadoryu is the active forerunner for the International Wado Federation.

United Kingdom


IWF-UK (Est. 2007)

British Wado Federation. Representative Headquarters for the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Contact: Gary E Swift Hanshi.

European Wado Federation


EWF (Est. 2012)

The European Wado Federation (EWF). Working with and supporting the International Wado Federation. Contact: Gary E Swift Hanshi.

IWF Ambassadors 



Ira F Watanabe 7th Dan



Kjartan Stornes 7th Dan



Kevin Hamilton-Stewart 7th Dan

National/Regional Representative Headquarters

Great Britain


Est. 2007

British Wado Federation.
Representative Headquarers for Great Britain. Gary Swift 8th Dan. ​



Est. 2012

Representative Headquarters for Norway. Kjartan Stornes 7th Dan.



Representative Headquarters for Japan.
Ira Watanabe 7th Dan.

Pan America Wadoryu


Pan America Wadoryu
Marlon Manuel Cala Cuenca 5th Dan.

National/Continental Representative Headquarters.

Some IWF members within various countries may like to establish themselves as Representative Headquarters (maybe for the benefit of competitions or regional courses, etc.).  Any IWF Member Group may set themselves up as ‘representatives’, there is no monopoly control. These RHQ’s are primarily designed and designated as ‘contact points’ and ‘representatives’ for all IWF memberships within that host country/continent. However, these RHQ’s are not designed to be ‘Controlling Governing Bodies’ and would/should not take away the rights of those who wish to affiliate direct to the IWF; they merely act as local ‘Representatives’ for the IWF. IWF members are not required to join Representative Headquarters unless they choose to do so.

(a) Representative Head Quarters must have an elected infrastructure/committee to help run the affairs and advise members within their local and/or regional membership.
(b) The Representative Head Quarters must have an elected Ambassador/Chairman as head of the Committee.
(c) All RHQ’s must operate with the best interests for the International Wado Federation and all its members.
(d) All individual groups/associations may still affiliate direct to the IWF-Honbu (World Governing Body Head Quarters) based within the UK.
(e) International Clubs may also choose to affiliate to a National Governing Body in their host country (if there is one).
(f) The running of the individual Group/Association is the sole responsibility of the Registered Chief Instructor of that Group/Association.

The Alliance of International Wado-ryu (AIWa)


The History of AIWa and the AIWa Badge.

The name AIWA (pronounced ‘eye-wa’) is made up from the initials of the Alliance of International Wadoryu (A.I.Wa). The initials are made from ‘(A)lliance of (I)nternational (Wa) Wadoryu. However there are also further connotations.

Ai-Wa also refers to ‘Mutual Harmony’, the ‘underpinning’ foundation and principle of AIWa. The badge, also originally designed by Gary E Swift 8th Dan in 1982, represents the Yin-Yang (blue for yin and the white ‘side viewing’ dove ©, the yang), which represents the ‘Ai’ (harmony) in AIWa.

The Alliance of International Wadoryu (AIWa).
The Alliance of International Wadoryu is an International Governing Body, which was founded in 1982, to assist International British Wadokai (ex-pat) instructors in order to preserve and maintain the British Wadokai principles & syllabus within those overseas clubs.
Over the years this unity was extended to all autonomous Wado groups worldwide. However, due to the English Karate political situation within England, from January 2010 the original principles of AIWa was forced to restructure. As from November 2010 the previous infrastructure for Wado International Alliance, within AIWa, has been taken on by the International Wado Federation. Today, AIWa now concentrates on insurance facilities to organisations who wish to take advantage of our Public and Person to Person Liability Insurance structure. 

A new era in International Wado-ryu. Autonomous Wado groups and associations can now also affiliate to the International Wado Federation:

The motto of AIWa is ‘Peace within Mutual Harmony’.