Welcome to the European & Eurasian Wado Federation (EWF)


​Countries in Membership to the European Wado Federation
Great Britain – England – France – Italy – Norway – Portugal – Eire – Kernow – Northern Ireland – Belarus – Poland – Spain – Germany – Greece – Wales

About the European Wado Federation

The ONLY official European Governing Body for Wado Karate under the International Wado Federation. Working with and supporting the International Wado Federation.The European Wado Federation (EWF) was established in 2008 and is the only union for all autonomous and independent Wado Karate Schools, Groups and Associations within Europe under the International Wado Federation (IWF).
The European Wado Federation supports and recognises all traditional Wado, Wadoryu, and Wadokai karate organisations. Helping to promote Wado unity world-wide as an alliance of Wado associations and groups; irrespective of other national or world affiliations
We do not expect you to leave any existing Sport/Multi-Style World Karate Governing Body to join the European Wado Federation, as our interests are only to encourage unity within all Wado.
The European Wado Federation is NOT a Limited Company or a commercially motivated governing body, so (unlike many other ‘governing bodies’) does not rely on ‘profit’ or membership fees to exist. The European Wado Federation is NOT run by a Chief Instructor; as it is organised with common-sense by a committee of like-minded people.
Membership to the European Wado Federation gives automatic membership to the International Wado Federation (and vice versa for European based memberships).
The European Wado Federation is NOT a Business
We do not take your money for joining – Neither do we take your money just for being in membership.
​You may not even need to leave an existing affiliation in order to join us!